Horror fiction is on the move.

Join me, your guide to everything the genre has to offer. My book, 101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered is coming this summer! August 8th, 2023.

For every reader who has excitedly wandered over to their local bookstore's horror section only to find a few measly shelves with books you've already read by authors you've already heard of, this book is for you! Sadie Hartmann, better known as "Mother Horror" online, has put together the ultimate list of must-read novels, without a single repeat author, so you can confidently build up your TBR list.

With books that span the genre's full spectrum, from paranormal hauntings to creepy death cults, and small-town terrors to apocalyptic disasters, Sadie demonstrates that horror is so much more than slasher stories full of blood and guts (though you're sure to find those inside too). Each recommendation is complete with a brief story summary, critical insight, and a featured quote to lure you in. And once you've made it through the list, fear not! Sadie includes plenty of resources and tips to find even more horror, such as bookstores with great selections or publishers to watch.

This reader's guide is the perfect gift for long-time fans of monsters and the macabre as well as a great introduction for curious readers who dare to delve into the dark.

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